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High Street Business Winner 2016
Independent Coffee Brand of the Year 2018
Wales Online Top 10 Coffee Shops in Wales 2018
SME Independent Coffee House Chain 2019
M&A Independent Coffee Brand of the Year 2020
Best Artisan Coffee Shop South Wales 2020
Global 100 Independent Coffee Brand of the Year 2023
Restaurant Guru Best Coffeehouse 2024
Person's hand selecting coffee berries
Decorative pattern in the top of coffee crema
Milk pouring into coffee cup creating decorative pattern
straw in a takeaway cup with transparent top
Coffee foamer producing steam in a jug
Bradleys frappe with cream and chocolate on top

The independent coffee house brand, Bradleys Coffee, is extremely proud to be a Welsh company. We serve quality food and drink to our communities, families and friends through our dedicated team of baristas. ​


All our sites offer the same friendly service, quality local produce, coffee excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction. ​

Determined to thrive on our high streets, we are here to ensure that you enjoy great tasting food and drink, served by a passionate team.

Coffee ring pattern

At Bradleys Coffee, we have our own blend of coffee made of Arabica from Central America and Central Brazil, and Robusta from the southern tip of India. ​


Extracting a medium dark, full bodied espresso with hints of cocoa flavour and a good deal of power allows us to craft your drink. A hint of acidity is provided by Central American Arabicas, whilst rich sweetness comes from the addition of Brazilian Arabica.


All of our espresso-based drinks use this same unique blend.

Bradleys Dragon
Bradleys Tea reinvented logo

At Bradleys Coffee we also serve Bradley's Tea  which is the sustainable and innovative tea concept that stands for a fair tea world.


The tea is Fairtrade certified and is processed into a final product in Sri Lanka to support the local economy.


We always have ‘special’ drinks available too that suit the season or the vibe of the coffee shop.


We also offer locally sourced cakes and snacks along with locally produced savoury food, with most sites offering on-site production to suit your taste.


Come and join us :)
Bradleys Aberdare Town Hall exterior
Bradleys Llanelli exterior
Bradleys Pontypridd interior
Bradleys Talbot Green interior
Bradleys Aberdare Town Hall exterior
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