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Truly Great Coffee

The independent coffee house brand, Bradleys, is extremely proud to be a Welsh company with local Welsh employees.

All our sites offer the same friendly service, quality local produce, coffee excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Whether you're just dropping in for a lunchtime Bradleys coffee, tea or snack in our cafés or having an evening meal in our Aberdare restaurant, rest assured you'll be coming back for more.

We're independent, family owned and proud of it!

Our Own Brand 


Every Bradleys Coffee has it’s own unique taste and quality. Why not come and give each variety a try, you won’t find your favourite if you don’t.

Bradleys Premium Coffee is  also sold as beans or ready for filter and cafetiere at all our outlets.

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


The production of coffee has a big environmental impact, from the cultivation of the beans to the transportation of the final product. The ethical production of coffee is important at Bradleys because it reduces the environmental impact of the production process, protecting the environment and helping to create sustainable farming practices.

Ethical coffee also ensures that the people involved in the production process, from the farmers to the pickers and baristas, are paid a fair wage and work in safe and healthy conditions. This is especially important in countries where coffee production is a major industry, and the workers are often vulnerable to exploitation.


By supporting ethical coffee, Bradleys can help ensure that those involved in the production of this important commodity are treated fairly and have access to better working conditions.

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